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For those keen to dip their toes into the ownership pool, we can supply horses for leasing. Whether for one-day terms or a longer stint all eventualities can be catered for. Lessees savour the elation of cheering their steed as it runs under their name and in their colours,without the full-time responsibilities and overheads.

One-day leases are increasingly popular for days out at the races for groups of friends, business associates and celebrating husband’s/wife’s birthdays at their favourite track. We also offer longer fixed-term leases of one year-plus.


If you’re keen to get involved in horse ownership then syndication is probably the best path forward for you. Come on board with Genesis and enjoy the thrills and excitement of ownership with us.

If you want to arrange a syndicate for you and your friends from the pub or golf club but don’t know where to start then contact us and we will offer you whatever assistance you require.


Do you need your horse(s) or syndicate(s) managed? We can help with sourcing of horses, offer race planning assistance and liaise with trainers on your behalf.

Data insights & validation

Noel Hayes has his own meticulously assembled databases for all aspects of racing, betting and bloodstock. You can avail of his personal capabilities, expertise and detailed insight tools for your benefit. Get in touch with your query to discuss it further.

General consultancy

Whatever your query, whatever investment you’re considering, if you think Genesis Thoroughbreds can be of assistance, feel free to get in touch.

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